Foundation work for solar farms

JIITEE Työt carries out foundation work for solar farms in a skilled and professional manner

Use of solar power is increasing in Finland

Solar power is one of the fastest growing and most rapidly developing forms of energy production in the world. In recent years, solar power has also gained enormous popularity in Finland: in 2022, the production capacity of solar power systems was already over 20 times larger than in 2016. The capacity has grown with an impressive annual rate of almost 70%, which is why solar power has managed to grab a significant share of the energy market. Particularly many solar power installations have been carried out in Southern Finland, with over 27,000 new solar power plant contracts signed in 2022.
Suomen Aurinkoenergiayhdistys ry. (September 28, 2023). Aurinkosähkön voimakas kasvu jatkui vuonna 2022.


JIITEE Työt carries out foundation work for solar farms in a skilled and professional manner

Solar power is the energy solution of the future, and JIITEE Työt is committed to supporting this development by ensuring that the panels for solar farms are mounted in a skilled and secure manner. The aim of the largest solar farm projects currently underway in Finland is to reach a capacity of several hundred megawatts. Building industrial-scale solar power plants requires investment and careful infrastructure planning.

JIITEE has the special expertise required for supporting solar panels and mounting them to the ground. The method used for supporting the solar panels depends on the type of soil that the solar farm is about to be built on. Choosing the right method not only ensures a firm foundation for installing the solar panels but also their stability and long service life.

JIITEE’s expert staff and versatile equipment ensure that all work is completed in a skilled and timely manner. To ensure a high-quality result, order solar panel mounting services from the number one reinforcement company in Finland!

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