Rock bolting

Rock bolting ensures the stability of structures

It is a process that involves embedding bolts or anchors into the rock. Rock bolting ensures the stability of structures and prevents potential collapses or accidents, thereby extending the lifespan of the structure. It provides additional support to structures and prevents their movement or damage. 

Reinforcement bolting is a form of rock bolting used to reinforce a desired location. For instance, bolts can be used to support tunnel structures, making them more durable and safer. Reinforcement bolting is also used in open-cutting of transportation routes. Reinforcement bolting in open cuts ensures that the rock remains sturdy even as changes occur in the soil over the years.

Anchor bolting is another form of rock bolting used to ensure the construction of sturdy foundations. Regardless of what kind of structures are built on a rock foundation, anchor bolting is always required to ensure that the foundations are sturdy and durable. Anchor bolting is also used to support wind turbines. The bolts are installed in the surrounding rock of the wind turbine, ensuring the turbine stays securely upright in all weather conditions. 


Reliable rock bolting

Rock bolting requires expertise and skill. If done incorrectly, it can pose serious safety risks. Skilled rock bolting work produces high-quality results, ensuring that the construction progresses safely and smoothly. JIITEE carries out bolting work reliably and to a high standard. Our own personnel and equipment ensure high-quality bolting work on schedule. Our specialists are happy to help our customers with all their rock bolting needs and even at a short notice.

JIITEE työt is perhaps the most experienced company in Finland when it comes to rock bolting. Rock bolting is physically demanding work, which is why finding individuals who can efficiently carry out bolting to a high standard year after year can be tough. JIITEE’s skilled expert personnel is very dedicated to rock bolting. Contact us when you need professional rock bolting services and want to ensure the safety and success of your project. 


Bolting and drilling we have made

  • Raidejokeri, Patterinmäki tunnel – YIT 2020 – Drilling-bolting, shotcrete
  • Renovation of the Pepallonmäki train tunnel, R. Ajalin 2019–2020 – Drilling-bolting, shotcrete, networking.
  • Kemi mine, Skanska 2019–2020 – Reinforcement bolting approx. 200,000 jm, shaft reinforcement works
  • Rock cavern thermal energy storage of Helen Mustikkamaa – YPR 2019 – strengthening works, e.g., drilling-bolting, shotcrete drainage systems, and shotcreting
  • Reinforcement works for the capsule shaft of the final disposal facility, Posiva/Olkiluoto 2019 – drilling-bolting, grouting, and cladding installation.
  • Kittilä mine Agnico Eagle, 2019 – Mine reinforcement and rock construction work, e.g., drilling-bolting, networking, anchoring for structures
  • T2 Terminal Helsinki-Vantaa – Kreate Oy 2019–2020 – cement injection, drilling-bolting, shotcrete drainage system, and shotcrete
  • Renovation of wastewater treatment plant Henriksdal, Stockholm, YIT Sverige AB 2018 – Renovation of wastewater treatment halls, strengthening of roof structures, drilling and bolting 28,000 rm, rock net installation approx. 20,000 m2
  • Blominmäki wastewater treatment plant, Espoo – YIT Infra Oy 2018 – Reinforcement bolting approx. 400,000 rm and equipment works, anchoring for structures drilling and bolting approx. 25,000 jm
  • Renovation of the train tunnel, Lavianmäki – Destia Rail Oy 2018 – Renovation of the Rantarata train tunnel 580 m, drilling and welding of 11,500 pins, networking 11,500 m2, shotcrete 1,230 m3
  • Länsimetro Kivenlahti, Espoo, Kalliorakennus-Yhtiöt Oy – drilling and soldering of 15,000 threaded pins
  • Länsimetro Soukka, Espoo, Kalliorakennus-Yhtiöt Oy 2018 – drilling and soldering of 10,000 threaded pins
  • Länsimetro Sammalvuori metro depot, Espoo – Aro Systems Oy, Kalliorakennus-Yhtiöt Oy, Forssan Asentajat Oy 2018 – Reinforcement work on shafts 2 pcs., drilling and soldering of structural joints approx. 14,500 pcs.


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