Grouting is a method used to prevent potential leaks and water-induced damage. In grouting, chemical injection agents are used, typically reacting with water to form sealing compounds. 

The purpose of grouting is to ensure the watertightness of joints in structures. This is crucial in underground structures, where the water pressure can be high. The injected joints, along with watertight structures, form a waterproof layer that prevents water from penetrating to the other side of the structural components.

For example, chemical grouting is used in the casting joints of concrete to ensure watertightness. The injection agent is poured into the joints and reacts with water, ensuring that the joint is tight and waterproof.

JIITEE offers skilled personnel and high-quality equipment for grouting

When done well, grouting ensures watertight joints and extends the lifespan of the structure. If performed incorrectly, it can lead to costly water leaks, resulting in additional expenses.

JIITEE carries out grouting reliably and to a high standard. Our personnel and equipment ensure high-quality grouting on schedule. We are ready to respond even on short notice when the need for grouting arises. The quality of injection work largely depends on the worker’s experience, so choosing an experienced partner is especially important.

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