Reliable expertise in rock scaling

Scaling improves safety in rocky spaces and near rock cuts

The term ‘scaling’ refers to the removal of loose rock from the rock face. The process makes the rock safer by removing any loose material that could pose a safety risk.

Rock scaling is carried out in various contexts, such as in tunnel construction projects after blasting.  After the blast, mechanical scaling is performed to remove loose aggregate from the rock walls. This ensures that the tunnel is safe so that the project staff can begin the next work phases. In some locations, scaling by hand is performed to provide the finishing touches for safety so that no loose rock remains on the rock face. 

Scaling is also used in conjunction with excavation work along highways. Careful scaling ensures that no loose aggregate that could endanger traffic is released from the excavation. Because rock deteriorates over time, reinforced rock spaces and rock cuts must be regularly monitored. Material may gradually detach from deteriorating rock over time, so sometimes the rock face may require re-scaling to enhance safety. 

JIITEE provides quality rock scaling services

We perform high quality scaling both mechanically and by hand. Scaling is a vital safety measure in rock construction. It is therefore advisable to choose a skilled and experienced professional for it. In addition to solid scaling expertise, JIITEE also possesses the equipment needed for scaling. This means that we are able to take on projects even on short notice. 

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