Rock drilling

Rock drilling ensures stable foundations for structures even in difficult conditions

JIITEE Työt provides blasting holes, holes for reinforcement bolts, and rock drilling from construction adhesions to anchor hole drilling. Over the years, we have drilled an impressive amount of holes in a variety of locations such as metro depots, mines and train tunnels. Our extremely wide range of drilling equipment enables efficient and safe rock drilling in both confined spaces and high-up locations. Our subsidiary Tyly Technologies manufactures drills designed especially for spaces where a drill rig cannot fit or where the base cannot bear the weight of a drill rig. Drilling in high places, on the other hand, can be done with specialized equipment.

Rock drilling is an essential phase in many construction projects, especially in situations where the bedrock significantly affects the construction process or is used as the foundation of the building. Rock drilling requires the use of specialized equipment that utilizes a combination of rotation and impact for drilling or breaking through the rock.

Rock drilling is needed in various projects, such as the construction of road tunnels, bridges, sewer tunnels, and building foundations. It is a vital step in situations where it is necessary to excavate or drill holes for the support structures of a building. Rock drilling enables stable foundations for structures even in difficult conditions. It provides an efficient way to make holes in rock for embedding rock anchors, bolts or other support structures. 


Professional rock drilling

Rock drilling is a technically demanding process that requires expertise and precision.  Done incorrectly, it can lead to problems such as weak structures, which in turn create safety risks. JIITEE specializes in rock drilling in difficult conditions. Confined spaces, pits and high places are no obstacles – with our skilled personnel and our own equipment, we find solutions for every location.

We are proud of our rock drilling specialists. We use state-of-the-art equipment and adhere to strict safety standards to ensure a successful outcome and stay on schedule. Whether you are planning a large infrastructure project or a smaller construction job, you can always rely on JIITEE’s expertise. We offer reliable expert services for all your rock drilling needs. Our specialists ensure that projects are carried out smoothly and safely.

Our staff has solid experience and expertise in various forms of rock bolting, ensuring the stability and longevity of many different types of structures. We use various techniques in rock bolting work, such as reinforcement bolting and anchor bolting. We offer comprehensive rock drilling and bolting services to suit each customer’s needs.


Bolting and drilling we have made

  • Raidejokeri, Patterinmäki tunnel – YIT 2020 – Drilling-bolting, shotcrete
  • Renovation of the Pepallonmäki train tunnel, R. Ajalin 2019–2020 – Drilling-bolting, shotcrete, networking.
  • Kemi mine, Skanska 2019–2020 – Reinforcement bolting approx. 200,000 jm, shaft reinforcement works
  • Rock cavern thermal energy storage of Helen Mustikkamaa – YPR 2019 – strengthening works, e.g., drilling-bolting, shotcrete drainage systems, and shotcreting
  • Reinforcement works for the capsule shaft of the final disposal facility, Posiva/Olkiluoto 2019 – drilling-bolting, grouting, and cladding installation.
  • Kittilä mine Agnico Eagle, 2019 – Mine reinforcement and rock construction work, e.g., drilling-bolting, networking, anchoring for structures
  • T2 Terminal Helsinki-Vantaa – Kreate Oy 2019–2020 – cement injection, drilling-bolting, shotcrete drainage system, and shotcrete
  • Renovation of wastewater treatment plant Henriksdal, Stockholm, YIT Sverige AB 2018 – Renovation of wastewater treatment halls, strengthening of roof structures, drilling and bolting 28,000 rm, rock net installation approx. 20,000 m2
  • Blominmäki wastewater treatment plant, Espoo – YIT Infra Oy 2018 – Reinforcement bolting approx. 400,000 rm and equipment works, anchoring for structures drilling and bolting approx. 25,000 jm
  • Renovation of the train tunnel, Lavianmäki – Destia Rail Oy 2018 – Renovation of the Rantarata train tunnel 580 m, drilling and welding of 11,500 pins, networking 11,500 m2, shotcrete 1,230 m3
  • Länsimetro Kivenlahti, Espoo, Kalliorakennus-Yhtiöt Oy – drilling and soldering of 15,000 threaded pins
  • Länsimetro Soukka, Espoo, Kalliorakennus-Yhtiöt Oy 2018 – drilling and soldering of 10,000 threaded pins
  • Länsimetro Sammalvuori metro depot, Espoo – Aro Systems Oy, Kalliorakennus-Yhtiöt Oy, Forssan Asentajat Oy 2018 – Reinforcement work on shafts 2 pcs., drilling and soldering of structural joints approx. 14,500 pcs.


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