A wide selection of services

Our services don't stop midway

In addition to rock construction, excavation, shotcrete drainage systems, and wind turbine foundations, we also carry out other works according to our client's needs. We boldly innovate different solutions for our projects and work efficiently on various sites.

A wide selection of services

Various renovations are our daily work

We work on renovation sites daily, as all buildings need maintenance to ensure their functionality and safety. In addition to traditional tunnel and mining sites, we have renovated, for example, parking garages, civil defense shelters, and apartment buildings. Our skilled team can provide very versatile services for renovation projects. As a contractor, we can handle very versatile work phases, which is also an advantage for the client. For example, we can take the demolition work before the shotcrete is done so that our customer does not have to hire different contractors for these work phases.


Over a decade of experience in concrete repair

Concrete repair can improve the longevity and safety of concrete structures that have deteriorated. It is a cost-effective solution for extending the life of a structure, as there is no need for dismantling and rebuilding.
JIITEE Työt has over a decade of experience in concrete repair With highly skilled staff, our customers can be confident that projects will be handled professionally, on schedule and at a reasonable cost.

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We can also perform reinforcement work on tracks

Our services also include reinforcement work and rock instruction that can be performed from rails.

We are also experts in railway construction and can take on very demanding projects.

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