Concrete injection

Concrete injection is used for reinforcing structures and sealing water leaks. 

In the rock being built on, there may be cracks and fractures that make the rock more brittle than it should be. Cracks often contain water, which can cause trouble for the project and the structures. For this reason, various structures such as bridges, tunnels and building foundations require concrete injection to enhance the durability of both the rock and the structures themselves. 

Concrete injection is typically used as pre-injection to reinforce and seal water leaks before excavation and rock construction. It helps ensure that the bedrock will be durable and safe for the other work phases and for the final outcome.


Concrete injection requires precision and expertise

The placement of the injection holes and the amount of injection agent to be used depend on the degree of fracturing of the rock and the locations of the fractures. Injection holes can be drilled at various levels deep in the bedrock as needed. 

Once the locations of the injection holes have been decided on, the drilling begins. A sleeve is placed in the drilled hole in the rock, through which concrete is pumped into the rock at high pressure. During rock injection, monitoring of the injection pressure is crucial. Accurate pressure control ensures that the injection agents spread evenly and fill the rock fractures properly. This strengthens the rock, prevents water leaks, and helps to stabilize the structures.

In demanding locations, cement is injected using a LOGAC device. LOGAC records the time, pressure, mass consumption, and ratio of the injection used during the process. The device records data on performed actions, allowing the client to monitor the quality of the work.


JIITEE provides solid expertise and high-quality equipment for concrete injection

In Finland, pre-injection of rock is generally carried out less than in Sweden, and far less than in Norway. JIITEE staff possesses the necessary expertise to carry out pre-injection work with solid professionalism.

Our personnel and equipment enable concrete injections in rock and concrete structures. We also use chemical injection agents and grouting.  The quality of injection work largely depends on the worker’s experience, so choosing an experienced partner is especially important.

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