Railway construction

We can also perform reinforcement work on tracks

We also perform rock construction services on tracks, and our operations include rock construction, work for railway lines, tramlines and underground train lines. We provide a variety of construction services performed on tracks. Track construction services include:

  • rock cuts
  • injection
  • rock tunnel cladding structures
  • rock netting
  • steel installations
  • rock drilling and bolting
  • other work

Versatile track construction under the same roof

Track construction usually takes place in unusual environments, placing special requirements for the work. We have experience in track construction, making us a reliable expert used to working in a variety of conditions.

Our equipment includes track equipment, enabling us to carry out a variety of reinforcement work. Our comprehensive expertise means that you will not need multiple contractors for your site. We are able to carry out track construction work independently and efficiently.  

We are also experts in railway construction and can take on very demanding projects. So do not hesitate to contact us, whatever your track construction needs. 


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