Rock reinforcement

Sustainable construction

Rock reinforcement is used to improve the load-bearing capacity and durability of rock. The instability of rock can lead to ground movements, detachment of boulders, or even collapses. The purpose of rock reinforcement is to anticipate and counteract these challenges, ensuring that structures are safe and durable. 

Rock reinforcement is especially crucial in construction projects involving the planning of the foundations of large structures, such as bridges or tunnels. Ensuring sufficient load-bearing capacity is essential in order for the rock to support heavy loads over the long term. Rock reinforcement is also vital for occupational safety. On construction sites operating in rocky environments, it is crucial to ensure the stability of the rock. This reduces the risk of hazardous situations and improves the safety of workers.


JIITEE has extensive expertise and experience in rock reinforcement

Rock reinforcement is demanding work that requires solid expertise and experience. The selection of appropriate reinforcement techniques and the use of materials require experts with in-depth knowledge. The experienced professionals at JIITEE can apply the knowledge gained from previous projects to new projects. This is particularly important, because each reinforcement project is unique. JIITEE offers an extensive range of equipment for rock reinforcement. Having our own equipment enables high-quality workmanship and the ability to take on new projects even on short notice.

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