Rock anchoring

Rock anchoring to ensure safe structures and buildings

Rock anchoring provides dependable support for structures that are subject to high tensile stress. Rock anchoring is the process of strengthening rock or ground by means of deeply embedded anchors. The anchors are long, prestressed steel rods or cables that are drilled into the ground and fixed to the rock with solder. Rock anchoring is important for ensuring that the rock or ground can withstand the stress of large structures for years.

Examples of sites where anchoring is carried out:

The steps of rock anchoring

Rock studies and planning: Careful physical studies are the cornerstone of anchoring. That is why we start with a ground study to ensure the safety of the work and determine the technical details.

Drilling: After the preparatory work comes the drilling phase. The drilling methods are carefully chosen to ensure efficiency and minimize disturbance to the rock. This is important for the reliability of anchoring.

Injection: Injection may be necessary to strengthen the sides of the holes and improve the tightness of the rock.

Anchor insertion: When the hole is ready, we insert the anchor. It is especially important at this stage to ensure that the anchor is correctly positioned and that all parts of it are properly located and secured. The anchor is inserted into the rock using centering devices to ensure its correct position in the hole.

Soldering: After the anchor is in position, the next step is soldering to fix it in place. This step ensures that the anchor stays firmly attached for many years. Tensioning and testing: Finally, the anchor is tensioned to the specified values, and we carry out the necessary tests to ensure that it meets all the applicable requirements and is securely fixed in place. 

Why choose JIITEE Työt for anchoring?

  • Expertise: We have years of experience in rock anchoring, guaranteeing efficiency and professional results
  • Quality and reliability: We adhere to strict quality and safety standards in all projects.
  • Customized solutions: We understand that every case is unique, and we find cost-effective solutions no matter how demanding the project.

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