Chemical injection

Chemical injection

Chemical injection is a method that is aimed at internally reinforcing the concrete and rock structures and improving their watertightness. This technique is used to seal joints and cracks within the structure, preventing water from leaking into the structure through them.

Chemical injection is used as a post-injection method in locations where potential structural problems must be pre-empted by preventing water leaks. 

The ground and structures change and deteriorate over the years, so water leaks may sometimes occur only later on. For this reason, various structures, such as tunnels and building foundations, require chemical injection to enhance the durability of both the rock and the structures themselves. 


Chemical grouting blocks water leaks

In chemical grouting, a hole is first drilled into the rock for the injection of the injection agent. Following this, the injection agent is sprayed into the rock under high pressure. The injection agents spread evenly into the rock, filling the cracks uniformly. 

Chemical injection agents typically react with water, forming sealing compounds. There are various types of chemical injection agents: some substances react quickly, sealing even large leaks rapidly. Other injection agents work preventively by remaining reactive for several years. 


JIITEE provides the necessary expertise and high-quality equipment required for chemical injection

In Finland, post-injection of rock is generally carried out less than in Sweden, and far less than in Norway. JIITEE staff possesses the necessary expertise to carry out pre-injection work with solid professionalism.

Our personnel and equipment enable grouting in rock and concrete structures, and we use both chemical and cement-based injection agents as needed.  The quality of injection work largely depends on the worker’s experience, so choosing an experienced partner is especially important.


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