The cladding structures of the rock tunnel

We have done waterproofing and thermal insulation of numerous tunnels, from drilling anchor bolts to shotcrete systems. When all the work comes from the same operator, the coordination of the work phases becomes more straightforward and efficient, and the possible “waiting hours” do not strain the relations between the contractors. Order insulation cladding installations from the number one company in reinforcement work, and you’re guaranteed a high-quality result!

The cladding structures of the rock tunnel that we have installed

  • Pepallonmäki train tunnel, R. Ajalin – Cladding installation approx. 2000 m2
  • Karkunvuori tunnels (2x180m), Tampere – Cladding structures total 10,000 m2
  • Vt 12 Tampere Rantatunneli tunnel, Tampere, YIT Infra Oy – Cladding structure installation 93000 m2
  • Kolmioraide, Riihimäki, Kreate Oy – Cladding
  • VT12 Lahti Liipola tunnel, Skanska Infra Oy – Heat insulation mat installation 7800 m2
  • Kehärata, horizontal transition of the ring road and smoke extraction shafts – cladding mats 3000 m2
  • Högbacka train tunnel – Installation of cladding structure 600 m2
  • Jokeri 2 public transport tunnel, Helsinki – Cladding 17,000 m2


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