Trench excavation

JIITEE Työt carries out trench excavation by blasting or wedging, depending on the application

Trench excavation by blasting or wedging

Trench excavation is applied to install infrastructure, such as pipelines and cables, underground. The trenches are typically rather narrow. Depending on the application, trench excavation is carried out either by blasting or wedging.

Trench excavation by blasting: Trench excavation differs from regular blasting in that more holes are drilled into the rock than normally. This makes it easier to determine more accurately the area to be blasted. Once the holes have been charged, heavy blasting mats are placed on top. The mats prevent damage to the environment by flying rocks.

Trench excavation by wedging: When performing trench excavation by wedging, holes are drilled in the rock close to each other. A hydraulic wedge is placed in the hole, breaking the rock under pressure. Wedging enables accurate control of where and how the rock will crack. This enables planned and safe rock excavation without the vibrations caused by explosives.

Once the blasting or wedging has been done, the loose rock is taken away and the trench is ready for the next work stages.

JIITEE Työt – trench excavation experts

JIITEE Työt carries out trench excavation in a variety of sites. We have the equipment and skilled personnel for trench excavation, key elements for efficient and high-quality projects. When carrying out trench excavation, it is important to take account of the environment, especially in built-up areas.

We are familiar with excavation work in built-up areas and know what the requirements are. We are quick to respond to new projects, so do not hesitate to contact us even on short notice.


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