The wind turbine foundation works are carried out with professionalism

Contracts related to wind power are situated in wind farms, which consist of wind turbines located in the same area. JIITEE Työt contributes to the construction of wind turbines by carrying out works related to the foundations - the construction of wind turbines requires careful foundation work."In wind power projects, we conduct drilling work for rock anchor foundations perform water permeability tests, and grouting," says JIITEE´s Site Manager Lassi Levaste.

The rock foundation begins with drilling holes into the rock according to the plans and then conducting a water permeability test. In the water permeability test, water is grouted into the rock under pressure to determine the extent of cracks and fissures.

"Initially, a hole is drilled into the rock, and a water permeability test is performed. If necessary, any holes and cracks are grouted with cement, which is allowed to dry for a week. Afterward, they are drilled open again, and a new water permeability test is conducted. This process is repeated until the desired level of rock tightness is achieved," explains JIITEE Works' Site Supervisor Priit Idavain.

Client of the contract

Suvic Oy

The start of the first project

Summer 2021.

Completed work stages

Rock anchor drilling foundation work, water permeability tests, and grouting.


The work is always done with high quality

According to Levaste, JIITEE Työt can carry out the tasks related to wind turbine foundation work even on a fast schedule:

"We are flexible and stay on schedule. The work is always done with high quality."

Janne Juntunen, CEO of JIITEE Työt, says the company's extensive equipment guarantees cost-effective work.

"When working in wind farms, the importance of our own equipment has been emphasized because we have been able to switch smoothly from one work phase to another.
Instead of doing only one work step separately, we can implement several at once and thereby be cost-effective", says Juntunen.


We are the top choice for drilling wind power foundations

Suvic Oy is a construction company specializing in energy construction, particularly in the contracting and project management of wind farms. JIITEE Työt was selected as a contractor for the first time in the summer of 2021 for the Karhunnevakangas and Puskakorvi construction sites.

After discussing with JIITEE, we were convinced of their methods and efficiency," describes Aki Bergman, the Site Manager of Suvic Oy, at the beginning of the collaboration.

According to Bergman, JIITEE Työt has performed excellently in all of their tasks in every project:

"They have extremely professional staff. JIITEE's team is motivated under construction site conditions, and they handle their work professionally from beginning to end, observing occupational safety."


Collaboration has been carried out in several projects

Since Bergman's experiences of working with JIITEE Työt are positive, he is also willing to provide his recommendation:

"I could easily recommend JIITEE Työt to others. They are cost-effective hard workers who get the job done. If challenges arise on the job site, the JIITEE team is capable of quickly resolving the challenges and problems. It's easy to work with them, and they can quickly respond to changes on the job site. Our communication between us also works well."

JIITEE Työt and Suvic Oy have collaborated on four projects so far – two that have already been completed and two that are currently ongoing.

JIITEE Työt is undoubtedly the best company for the foundation of wind turbine foundation works in Finland," Bergman summarizes.

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We carry out drilling, grouting, anchoring, and tension work related to the foundations of the wind turbine. When you want the rock foundation to last, ask us to come.

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