Billing information

You can find more detailed information on purchase and sales invoicing on this page.

Purchase and sales invoicing Jiitee Louhinta Oy

Our online invoicing address changed from 30.08.2023. We have switched to electronic processing of purchase invoices and receiving online invoices in order to make invoice processing more efficient. Our operator is Maventa.

Jiitee Louhinta always receives invoices as online invoices.

  • Recipient: Jiitee Louhinta Oy
  • Social security number: 2201724-1
  • Online billing address: 003722017241
  • Broker ID: 003721291126 (Maventa)
  • Broker ID when sending from the banking network: DABAFIHH

Use this broker ID if the online invoicing program you are using cannot send invoices directly to Maventa’s broker ID.

Although the invoices are sent as online invoices, the traditional billing address must be visible in the address field/recipient information of the invoice image.

Jiitee Louhinta Oy
Äyritie 12 C
01510 Vantaa

In addition to the information based on the law, the invoice must contain the following information:

  • For your reference, the number of our site, which you will receive from us, e.g. 1097 (number only)
  • For more information or to the free text section: Supervisor or supervisor + employee’s name = purchase permit
  • We refer to the seller’s information, name + phone
  • For more information or Free text, due to differences in invoicing systems, our site number (e.g. 1097)
  • Buyer’s and supplier’s social security number
  • Payment term min. 30 days net

We do not accept invoices to our business address. If you do not have the possibility to send online invoices from your system, we ask you to send the invoices to the scanning service either by e-mail (1) or by post (2) according to the following instructions:

1. Receipt of invoices by e-mail to the scanning service

We hope that you only send invoices to this address. Invoices are sent to the service as email attachments in PDF format, and the invoice attachments must be in the same file as the invoice itself.

  • Email invoice address:
  • You can send several invoices in one email, as long as each invoice is separate
  • as an attachment. All files must have a different name.
  • The maximum size of one email is 5MB.
  • PDF files must be genuine PDF documents (PDF version 1.3 or later).
  • PDF files must not be locked or password protected.
  • The outer dimension of the document can be a maximum of 210 x 297 mm.

The allowed characters for the attachment name are standard characters, a-z, A-Z, 0-9. You don’t use special characters to name attachments.

2. Receipt of invoices by mail to the scanning service

The address information must be complete both on the invoice and on the envelope, so that the invoice can be forwarded quickly and reliably to its recipient.

Jiitee Louhinta Oy
PL 100

  • Please send only invoice material to our scanning address. These mails are automatically read into our company’s ledger, and no other material (for example, receipts, business
  • gifts, credit cards and entrance tickets) reaches its recipient through this.
  • Preferably, you only use black color on a white background in the text.
  • Please make sure that the invoices going to the scanning service go there without staples!