The Parainen project employs about ten people from JIITEE. JIITEE’s foreman Henri Jokitalo is responsible for the contract.

“The project includes tunnel excavation and reinforcement work, as the mine’s production is expanding to the area of the existing tunnel, which will be decommissioned in the future. For this reason, a new replacement tunnel is needed in the underground areas, which will be completed as part of the project. The total volume to be excavated is over 11,000 cubic meters,” Jokitalo explains.

Mining environments are already familiar work environments for JIITEE, as experience can be found in several different mining sites. The Parainen mine is located near the city center, which is taken into account, for example, when doing blasting.

The work is scheduled to be completed by the end of August, and as a result, the customer will be handed over a finished reinforced tunnel about 340 meters long.

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